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Intolerance is evidence of impotence.
This issue is probably one of the most difficult and painful for men. It doesn’t matter who you are, a construction worker or a CEO of a company, a deputy or a president, a soldier or a chief, women evaluate you as a man, not for your position in life, but for your ability to do what a man is supposed to do. It doesn’t matter if your problems with erections are temporary, either way it inflicts the worst psychological trauma.
Currently, impotence is the real scourge of all developed in society men all around the world. And the higher the level of society development, the higher the level of impotence among young people. It isn’t surprising if a 30 year old has impotence, its horrible, but true.
There are a variety of reasons for that :
-Chronic stress caused by hard work and immersion into the world of video games.
- Alcohol and tobacco abuse.
-Excessively strong emotions and nerve over exhaustion.
-Food excess, or just simply obesity and more.
Given a variety of options for the causes of impotence, we are trying to choose the proper and effective methods of its treatments, although we might not be able to eliminate it completely and immediately, we will minimize it’s damaging effects on the body. But firstly you must understand that impotence is a symptom of violation of intracellular metabolic processes. Therefore, using stimulants such as Viagra, only aggravates the situation. There is no doubt that the use of these short-term drugs makes an even greater imbalance on the intracellular processes and leads to the same problem as any other drug; addiction.
With frequent use of such stimulants, erection becomes impossible without their use and requires a much more significant amount of time to regain the normal erectile function. Using Royal Jelly if you have impotence isn’t any different from using it for any other form of intracellular imbalance. We recommend to necessarily include Royal Jelly in the everyday diet of a man, along with other products which promote restoration of the erection, without interrupting the process of intracellular metabolism and eliminating the use of widely advertised drugs which have an erection-stimulating effect.
With the continuous use of Royal Jelly, stress will be tolerable for your body. The intake of alcohol will be processed much easier, in fact, it will increase your resistance to alcohol intoxication and won’t be hungover. Either way, Royal Jelly will make the effect of any other therapeutic medicine more effective, by harmonizing all the processes occurring in the body. While studying the composition of Royal Jelly, there was a substance found which is similar to sildenafil. We also know that 20% of Viagra is lyophilized Royal Jelly used to mitigate the negative impact of the main components of intracellular homeostasis. Numerous experiments show that fresh Royal Jelly helps while treating impotence, since it contains zinc in it which stimulates the production of seminal fluid, improving its quality.
Despite of that, we aren’t tired of repeating this, but Royal Jelly is not a bio-stimulator! It helps us balance our organism. Meaning that it needs to be taken in microscopic doses and regularly. The first effect which you will feel, will be no sooner than in 3 months after your first dose, but it will be persistent. And the longer you take it, the more stable your organism will be and you will never have to worry about potency, or shall I say the lack of it, again.
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