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Vanguard men
The prostate gland - prostate, προ-στάτου греч.— «vanguard» - a man's second heart.
Prostatitis - is a high-risk disease which most likely all men are under. Prostatitis is pretty dangerous: impotence, infertility and prostate cancer. Occurs in 8 out 10 men and very often asymptomic. The main clinical signs of acute prostatitis include fever, pain in the groin area, burning pain while urinating and reduced potency. Significantly worse clinical situation is chronic prostatitis which occurs quickly and then transfers into an acute form.
Why do some men prefer to live with prostatitis and put up with the consequences? There sre several reasons. And they are known to all.
First, it's certainly shyness. Since all men what to feel strong and healthy, they don't like seeing doctors with such problems. Many are afraid of a rectal massage which is done for some practitioners for the treatment of prostatitis.
The second reason, is simply laziness. Since they have to go somewhere and find time and effort.
And third is that the primary and secondary stages of prostate are not taken as seriously so it doesnt encourage people to go to the clinic.
That is exactly why men go to the doctor more often in moments of acute illness. Another reason is the fact that many men underestimate the danger of this disease. And for men it is one of them most dangerous. Moreover young men are not immune to the inflammation of the prostate: a urinary tract infection will complicate this unpleasant disease. Which of the procedures are effective and which aren't? Some doctors say that without a prostate massage it is impossible to to achieve anything.
Infact, a unified method which would be suitable for the treatment of all forms of prostatitis obviously exists. Prostatic massage might be effective and detrimental, depending on the circumstances. The use of some specific appartus maybe or maybe not be useful. In addition, some "extra" prodecures are ofen prescribed that may be painless and abosultely pointless to the patient. For the treatment of prostatitis only one method is not enough.
The best methods for the treatment of prostatitis will never disappoint: only the complex therapy provides lasting results. But based on this treatment the intracellular metabolism should be recovered. And all other methods can be considered only as a subsidiary. Unfortunately, traditional allopathic medicine took a different point of view and are trying to treat not the causes of the disease, but the symptoms. It is, in most cases, the main reason for the transition of the disease into a chronic condition. Only reaching the normalization of the metabloism will get rid of the disease completely.
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