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Chronic stress-
the killer of men.
Men have always lived under the state of chronic stress. And the higher the social or financial responsibility, the deeper the stress. Chronic stress destroys the entire body and as a consequence, speeds up the aging process. The higher and more continuous the psychological burden on the person is, the more he smokes and he begins to show signs of aging: wrinkles, grey hair, baldness, reduced potency and sex drive.
It is obvious that without addressing the root to all the causes, it is extremely difficult to stop the process, although it is possible to slow it down considerably. After all, what we see on the surface in form of wrinkles, grey hair, impotence and other manifestations of chronic stress, is nothing but a violation of the intracellular metabolic process. In such a situation, the components of Royal Jelly, and they are in such proportion as they are present in fresh royal jelly, it is absolutely essential to restore the intracellular balance.
This fully refers to hypertension. It is very well known that men suffer from hypertension more frequently than women, therefore preventing a timely start of the process plays a huge role. If you eat Royal Jelly it is guaranteed that it will be reduced, and with a prolonged and continuous use you will have normal blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improved trophic tissues and in the first place, your brain.
Laboratory tests on mice showed fantastic resistance to stress. We created 2 groups of mice: the first group received fresh royal jelly for 4 months and the second control group only received the same food supply as the first. Within a month before the start of the, the first group received 10 mg of fresh royal jelly daily. After the first month of receiving Royal Jelly, both groups were put under complete chronic(permanent light and sound stimuli) stress for 3 months. During this period, the first group continued to receive royal jelly unlike the control group.
There were changes in the control group after 2 months: 30% were bald, 80% of them lost up to 10-20% of their weight and 10% simply died of starvation. Meanwhile, 90% of the mice from group 1 continuously received royal jelly , looked normal, with smooth and shiny fur and a stable weight. But was is more amazing is that fact that thy retained a normal sexual activity and continued to proliferate whereas the in control group the reproduction stopped.
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