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Fresh Royal Jelly -
the pledge of the healthy development of children.
Since the moment of birth, the newborn immediately faces huge risks in the external world, from which he was protected in the womb. How resisant his body will be towards all those risks, depends on his health, and sometimes even life.
As we have mentioned before in previous articles, the consumption of fresh Royal Jelly during pregnancy and lactation, extremeley reduces the risk of fetal abnormalities and strengthens the child's immune system enabling it to withstand the external damaging factors. After the baby is weaned and goes to a normal diet, the use of fresh Royal Jelly in it with a dose of only 20mg per day, helps him grow a stronger body which supports the intracellular level and constantly contributes to the proper and successful development of all his organs and system. This is especially important for premature infants and infants with a development delay and cerebral palsy which we will describe separately.
Even if your child is already full-term healthy and developed, receiving microdoses of fresh Royal Jelly is a signinficant advantage in the development and in particular, to strengthen the immune system and reduces the sensitivity to allergens. If a child receives, depending on the age, 50-100mg a of fresh Royal Jelly a day, throughout the period when he attends school or kindergarten, you can be more than 100% sure that he will be affected by a the flu virus or any other acute respiratory diseases.
Even if your child has never taken Royal Jelly, a doubled dose of it will help his body fight viral infections, because it is the only actual way to beat the infection without destroying the organism.
After 2 weeks of reinforced doses, it must be transferred into the ordinary microdoses, in accordance to the age and weight. A distinctive feature of Royal Jelly is that it's not produced from pharmaceutical chemicals and cannot cause an overdose or addiciton. All the non-assimilation of the components will be disposed and removed out of the body without any side effects. All antiviral drugs have a terrible devastating effect on the intracellular metabolism.
Pharmaceutical companies are simply cashing in on people's health, advertising and selling drugs, despite the facr that they have already been banned in several countries, they still continue selling them using the corruption on the government. Therefore we strongly recommend to use only natural medicine while fighting viral infections, and make sure your and your child's organism is ready in advance, and not wait for the virus to attack.
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