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What is Royal Jelly actually?
And how to use it’s fantastic abilities.
As we said, Royal Jelly is not a stimulant, not an antibiotic and not any other miscellaneous fantasy that was created for writing pseudo-scientific articles. The main function of Royal Jelly is the stabilization and balancing of the metabolic, reproductive and apoptotic processes which occur in 1014 in all cell of your body. Any disease expect injury, is a consequence of the imbalance of intracellular processes caused by internal or external factors.
Aging process occurs for the same reason, over the years, there is an accumulation of the intracellular errors which constantly flow new upgrades into your body cells and as a result, it causes a malfunction of various organs. The constant use of Royal Jelly in microscopic doses helps the cells of the body return to a state of equilibrium between the processes of regeneration and apoptosis, restore the intracellular metabolism and as a result leads to the elimination of those symptoms that qualify a disease.
Royal Jelly has the best effect when you take it on an empty stomach and after brushing your teeth. When it enters your stomach, the vast number of active principles of royal jelly are neutralized by gastric juice and consequently is absolutely useless to the organism. Therefore, with a special miniature spoon, you take a small doses, about 0.1-0.2grams , put it on your tongue and then rub your tongue on the front surface of your gums. After that you should avoid food and liquid intake for about 10-15 minutes , during this time the absorption of active ingredients into the blood cells will occur.
All recipes of making or mixing Royal Jelly with milk, honey, vodka and anything else, is a classic trick. For the consumers it’s just a waste of time, just like Chinese shoes, they look like the real thing, but after a week its in the bin. So don’t mix Royal Jelly with anything.
High labor and resource-intensive processes, production, storage and delivery of Royal Jelly, without losing it original qualities, generate a desire to simplify the process, leading to the complete loss of the meaning of its use. Therefore buy Fresh Royal Jelly, only from authorized manufactures which are certified. Otherwise, in 99,9% of the cases you will receive anything but the original product.
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