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Obtaining Royal Jelly
Bio-based technology of royal jelly is the property of bees in the selection or isolation of the uterus to grow new queens of the young larvae of worker bees. In this cell bees rebuilt the liquor and provide them abundantly in milk throughout the larval stage. Royal jelly is produced by interrupting the cultivation of 4-day-old larvae and selecting a rebuilt queen of food produced by worker bees. The most favorable period of the season for royal jelly is late spring and early summer - a period of intense development of families.
Technology for producing royal jelly is made up of these operations:
- Preparation of artificial bowls of wax and inoculation of larvae to grow in their wombs;
- Preparation and use of family-educator bees;
- A regular selection of frames with the queen cells and production of new grafted larvae in the family-educator;
- Collection of royal jelly in a special dish and the preparation for it's storage.
Larvae to grow in artificial wombs instill bowls attached to strips vaccination framework is a conventional socket frame in the middle of which are fixed 4-5 horizontal bars (25mm width). Their number and arrangement i relative to each other depending on the type of scope used. The distance between the adjacent slats is - 50-70 mm (for normal detuning queen). The grafting strap for easy transport of larvae and selection of milk is bonded to the side rails framework so that they can be rotated or removed. Special vaccination frames made of narrow strips (width 10mm) are used. This width is sufficient to fix the bowls, and does not interfere with the care of the bees' uterine larvae.
Royal jelly is produced by bees from their 4-6th day of living. Around this age worker bee starts to eat ambrosia, rich in proteins, fats and vitamins. From this feed their pharyngeal cancer is strongly developed and already begins to produce milk, which flows through the tube in their throat, and then in the proboscis. Proboscis of a bee puts lotion larvae in queen cells and feeds them to the uterus. Each liquor is 150-250 mg of milk, in the cells of worker bees it is much less. Bees secrete royal jelly to 12 -15 days of age.
To perform work on the collection of royal jelly, the bee has to be in a clean room or house in nomadic booth is equipped with a small laboratory. Whitewashed walls or hang wallpaper light-colored and floor paint. On the windows hang gauze to prevent the ingress of royal jelly on the direct sunlight, adversely affecting its biological activity. The room should be light, easy to carry out laboratory work on the grafting of the larvae. The temperature of the room should be 25 ° C and the humidity - not below 90%.) To increase the moisture boil it in an open vessel or spray some water on the floor. Find a convenient place to put a table and a few low chair, and against the wall - a fridge and cupboard for tools and materials. In the field, for the temporary storage of products use cooler bags or vacuum flasks with ice.
For data collection, storage and prolonged delivery of royal jelly it is recommended to use dark glass jars, filling them up to the top in order to reduce air contact with the contents. Before filling in royal jelly they are stored in a refrigerator at a temperature not higher than 0C. Filling jars with royal jelly should not last more than one hour. Filled milk cans sealed lids, pretreated with melted wax and disinfected with alcohol. Royal jelly must be collected as soon as possible put into the refrigerator. At 0 ° + 5 ° royal jelly is stored up to a year.
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