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How to correctly choose and store Royal Jelly
The high biological activity in Royal Jelly is evidenced by the fact that the mother larva in first 3 days of life increased by 1000 times, and the feeding leads to the development of the uterus.
As we mentioned before, jelly contains many substances which important for the body, not only for bees, but humans too. Studies of the famous French scientist R. Shauvip(1957) showed that royal jelly affects some basic biological processes of plants and animals. He added it to the food of rabbits, goats, cows and other animals and observed the increase in the percentage of hemoglobin and number of red blood cells; animal fur became more dense, smooth and shiny; the animals were more in control, gained weight, became more energetic and agile. According to Felix Murat, royal jelly excited activity of male and female reproductive glands in chickens. Xeyl X.(1939) demonstarted the same effect on the mice. Ardrey experiments have established that the cottage milk eliminates the aging process in rats, bith male and female. NA Savchuk, a member of the Odessa University, gave silkworm some royal jelly. They gained weight, ended up spinning cocoons 2-3 days earlier, and their silk products increased by 265% more than in the ones without royal jelly.
You should choose the right Royal Jelly, as the drone homogenate is very similar to it. It has the same color and taste, we can on distinguish the chemical composition. It is only visiually distinguishable when the expiration of 2 hours drone homogenate starts to turn grey, and then it will completely turn black.
Royal Jelly, by its nature, is an unstable product and rapidly loses it's medicinal properties if you do not comply with the necessary rules for its storage. Therefore you should pay extra attention to properly storing Royal Jelly.You should keep it in the reftrigerator at a temperature not higher than 5 degrees.
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