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Women’s experience teaches us that,
health and beauty are inseparable
In the past 20-60 years, Royal Jelly was ascribed miraculous and exceptional properties, calling it the “fantastic remedy of the XX century”, and this triggered the beginning of the start of observations and then the subsequent serious research. In the process of this research, which still continues to this day in the largest laboratories, has been found that a few of the components of this product are vitamin E, folic acid, estrogen, progesterone and many other active substances, which normalizes hormonal actions, adjusts the ovaries and helps the underdeveloped uterus rise.
The presence of biotin and vitamin B7, also known as “skin factor”, helps improve the skin, nails and hair. And this is only a small part of possibilities that Royal Jelly provides for the body. The fact that there is no other substance as Royal Jelly that has the same effect on the development and procreation of the body should be fully justified.
The young Queen only flies out of the hive once in her lifetime, fertilizes a few drones while flying, and returns to the hive. Once she returns to the hive, she doesn’t leave it, she just stays there and lays eggs from which worker bees and other queens develop. In a day the Queen can lay up to 2000 eggs. The weight laid per days, exceeds the weight of the uterus.
The Queen's unique reproductove abilities exist only because of Royal Jelly, which she eats all her life. With the maximum term of life of the working bees to 80 days, the queen lives up to 8 years, which is about 2,800 days. If we divide 2,800 by 80, we get a difference of 46 times. If the average expectancy of life of people is 67, then multiple it by 46, and thats going to be 3120 years..
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